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Flow of an order and production process


Please contact us by email.

Soichiro IWASAWA, the person in charge, will get back to you.


We will ask about the size and shape of the bell and provide an estimate.

It is also possible to ask about the size of the place where the bell can be installed and so on.
We're willing to be of your help.


After you place an order, you will decide the letters and patterns you put on the bell.

We have a variety of patterns from Oriental traditions and Buddhist culture, such as dragons,phoenix birds, clouds, and arabesque patterns.Please contact us if you have any requests.

It is also possible to emboss handwriting letters by our calligrapher or the characters you prepare yourself, the pattern you would like to draw and anything. Please feel free to ask us.

emboss handwriting letters

After deciding the letters and patterns, we will start making a sand mold.

making a sand mold

In a few months we will cast your bell in our factory in Kyoto,Japan.

cast your bell

We will grind and color your bell.


After completion, we will check the sound and send you a photo of your bell.

photo of your bell

We can ship to the address you designate.

*Large temple bells and bronze statues will be shipped to the port.