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Kyoto Bell Foundry
Iwasawanobonshou Company

Amazing Casting Bells
in Kyoto,Japan

casting bells

About Us

Our factory is a bell foundry in Uzumasa ,Kyoto ,Japan.

Our founder Sotetsu IWASAWA established our foundry in 1944.
He has learned from Japanese tradition from a long time ago. Finally,he created the original sound of the Japanese bell under the guidance of one acoustician.
Until now, we have produced more than 4,500 bells not only in Japan but also in 10 countries overseas.


The Effects of Japanese Bell

The sound of the bell consists of three parts.
The first striking sound is called "Atari", the second roaring high note is called "Oshi", and the third lingering sound is called "Okuri".
Sounds with all three beats are considered to be good sounds.
It is said that listening to the sound of the bell has a positive effect on the brain and has the same effect as meditation.
You can rediscover yourself and find peace by listening to Japanese bells.
Let's ring the bell to calm your mind and pray for peace.

Japanese bell

The above bell is engraved with the words
"the land of love and peace" in Japanese.
You can put your wish into the sound of a Japanese bell.

For the Meditation


In the Garden

bell in the garden

You can put words on a bell as you like, such as your favorite word, a picture of your hometown, and a pattern of a flower.

  • sample of words on a bell
  • sample of words on a bell
  • sample of words on a bell

Let's make the one and only bell in the world.

Flow of an order and production process

Please see here.

If you plan to visit our factory in Kyoto, Japan,we would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance.

Production period: from several months to about a year It depends on the state of production at our factory.
Let me know when you would like.

We make use of our traditional casting techniques to produce not only bells but also various Buddhist statues and bronze products. Please feel free to contact us.

  • the statue of Buddha

    the statue of Buddha

  • bronze products

Access to our company

The bell foundry in Kyoto,Japan

Iwasawanobonshou Co., Ltd.
22 Karato-cho,Uzumasa,Ukyo-ku,Kyoto,Japan
(Postal code) 616-8134
TEL +8175-871-1001
FAX +8175-872-8186
E-mail info@iwasawa-bonshou.com
We're open on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.